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Jessica Jahiel's HORSE-SENSE Newsletter is a free, subscriber-supported electronic Q&A newsletter which deals with all aspects of horses, their management, riding, and training. Since 1995, Jessica Jahiel, award-winning author, clinician, and lecturer, has been writing 8-12 articles a month based on questions from subscribers. Over 1450 articles are currently indexed and searchable in our newsletter archives.

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The HORSE-SENSE archives contain over 1500 articles. See article index for listings by subject. Additional articles will be available online once the new HORSE-SENSE site goes live.

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Please read the the guidelines before emailing with your question. If you are looking for timely, one-on-one assistance with your questions or problems, Jessica offers private phone consultations.

True Helmet Stories from

Since 2003, we have been collecting stories from HORSE-SENSE readers. They share their first-hand experiences in the hopes that they will help convince you or someone you care about to wear a riding helmet that meets or exceeds current safety standards (in the USA: ASTM/SEI) for every ride. Please don't hesitate to e-mail or print any of these stories you may wish to share with others. Read on: True Helmet Stories

The Horse Training Problem Solver

The third book in Jessica Jahiel's Problem Solver series, The Horse Training Problem Solver is based on the HORSE-SENSE Newsletter and features over 100 articles in the familiar HORSE-SENSE Q&A format, many newly written just for the book.

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416 pages, Storey Publishing, LLC, September 2007. Also available in paperback.

The Problem Solver Series

The Rider's Problem Solver
Your Questions Answered: How to Improve Your Skills, Overcome Your Fears, and Understand Your Horse.

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384 pages. Storey Publishing, LLC, April 2006.
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Take a look inside: Table of contents and Author's Preface.

The Horse Behavior Problem Solver
Your Questions Answered About How Horses Think, Learn, and React

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416 pages. Storey Publishing, LLC, May 2004.
Also available in paperback.
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