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Spam filters, Spam-blocking services, and Content Filters

Using spam filtering or a spam-blocking service?

If you wish to receive HORSE-SENSE, it is up to you to make sure that it will pass through any spam filter, spam-blocking or content-filtering to your inbox. Depending on your mail program, this involves adding HORSE-SENSE to your address book, accepted senders, whitelist, safe list or buddy list. [Links to instructions for various email programs]

The following information appears in the header of every HORSE-SENSE message:

From: Jessica Jahiel <>

Spam-blocking services

If you are using a spam-blocking service like Spam Arrest, Spam Rival, Spam Door, etc. please be aware that you will need to take appropriate steps to ensure that you will continue to receive HORSE-SENSE. The same may apply to your AOL or Webmail service's spam-blocking features.

Some spam-blocking services use what's called a challenge/authentication or challenge/response method to block automatically generated spam. Your mail goes to their system first and an automatic e-mail response is sent to any unrecognized sender. The sender is asked to click on a link to visit the service's Web site. There, the sender is generally asked to type in a code that is only human-readable (i.e., cannot be read by a computer). At that point, that sender's e-mail will be accepted. We are unable to respond to authentication requests.

Content filters

If your ISP is using a content filter to block email (this is email that will never arrive in your mailbox), you may miss HORSE-SENSE messages misidentified as questionable or objectionable by the filters because they contain anatomical terms or, as in one odd case, the word 'spook'.

In conclusion, if you use one of these services, it will be up to you to make sure that you go on receiving HORSE-SENSE.

Links to instructions on how to whitelist an address

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