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How to Submit a Question

Anyone may submit a question to HORSE-SENSE but you'll need to subscribe to HORSE-SENSE to receive the weekly e-mail newsletter.

Several times a month, Jessica Jahiel writes 3-4 articles based on questions selected from 50-100 questions received every month. Articles are then distributed via email to all HORSE-SENSE subscribers.

For those of you who are looking for timely, private assistance with your questions or problems Jessica offers private phone consultations.

Before you ask a question

Before you submit a question to HORSE-SENSE, please take a few minutes to see if your question has already been answered. The HORSE-SENSE archives contain over 1450 articles. New articles are added to the archives quarterly.

How to submit a question

IMPORTANT: Any immediate medical or shoeing problem or emergency should be taken directly to your own veterinarian or farrier. Dr. Jahiel is not a veterinarian and will not make or confirm medical diagnoses. However, she will be happy to offer background information, explanations, and suggested readings.
You may submit your question by sending e-mail to

If your question is used in the HORSE-SENSE Newsletter, your first name will be included unless you specifically request anonymity. By submitting your question, you are agreeing to allow publication of the text of your question to this Web archive and other media.

All questions and answers become property of HORSE-SENSE. They fall under the HORSE-SENSE copyright, and may not be published in any form without express permission of the author.

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